Crossroads Parcel Consulting

Our Services

At Crossroads Parcel Consulting we offer a wide range of services and output to help guide you through the complexities of “Everything Parcel & Post”.

Parcel Distribution Solutions

  •  Design and support implementation of ecommerce parcel distribution solutions
  • Design and support implementation of Large & Bulky distribution solutions
  • Development of last mile, on demand distribution solutions
  • North American Domestic and Cross-Border parcel distribution solutions

USPS Distribution Solutions

  • First Mile Parcel Injection
  • USPS/private carrier rate comparisons
  • Transit days analysis

Canada Post Distribution Solutions

  • Canada Post/private carrier rate comparisons
  • Parcel Network Support
  • Transit Days Analysis

Global Postal Analysis

  • EAD/ AED Compliance Support
  • UPU Terminal Dues & Pay-for-Performance Maximization
  • RFID Compliance Audits
    • AMUs, Air Cargo Handling Units
    • Office of Exchange and International Mail Processing Centers (IMPCs)
  • Parcel Process Flow Optimization


  • Support development of e-commerce go-to-market strategies
  • Identify speed-to-market strategy (transit times) to support competitive positioning in marketplace.
  • Manage Selection process for correct fulfillment solution service provider based on client’s needs and requirements
  • Manage carrier selection process
  • Augment selection process for tech platform integration service provider

Last Mile Delivery

    • Manage parcel carrier selection and pricing negotiation process
    • Development of geographic coverage goals and objectives
    • Design plan and guidelines for carrier and fulfillment center interface
    • Support development of large & bulky delivery solutions
    • Quick commerce same-day and next day delivery solutions

Pricing Analysis

  • Parcel cost analysis across carrier service providers.
  • Carrier pricing strategies.
  • Contract negotiation support.

Investor Consultations and Trends Analysis

  • Individual carrier competitive positioning in the marketplace.
  • Parcel carrier capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Forward trends impact on carrier performance (service/profitability).